Done With Her | Digital Book Tour
A gripping tale of love, lust, obsession and murder. It's a kick in the guts. Love that's raw, lust that’s insane and obsession that's frantically irresistible. Twists will keep you on the edge while the truth will stab at your subconscious. Avesh Mathur, a techie stumbles upon the enchanting and sultry Spreeha at work. Every man in his office wants to have her. But he is struck with horror. She happens to resemble a girl from his past. The past that he’d do anything to keep under wraps. Spreeha lives next door to Avesh. She watches him furtively day and night even though she has a lover. He intrigues her, however, she's not done with her lover. She wants them both because they remind her of someone. What tragedy awaits Avesh? Is the girl he's madly falling for as beautiful on the inside as on the outside? Will he finally have to face the frightening truth that he's been stashing for two years?

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