ABA TEACHER Consultation Application
Please answer the following questions as they currently apply to you. Completing the application does not guarantee you a consultation, we will be contacting you if you are selected. To be eligible for free additional consultation you must currently be a teacher or related service provider and provide direct services to individuals with autism.
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Describe your current position as a classroom teacher or related service provider. Include details such as where you are employed, what your job duties entail, and the population of individuals in which you work with. *
Describe any previous experience with ABA you have had. Include information such as years of experience, coursework, or continuing education classes. *
Describe previous experience working with individuals with autism. Include information such as years of experience or other trainings directly related to serving individuals with autism. *
Throughout the school year, I provide direct services to about _____ individuals with autism? Select the one that best describes you. *
Use the space below to include any additional information regarding why you would like to be considered for this opportunity.
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