Merchant Scorecard Suspension Appeal
Merchants failing to meet Goods Marketplace performance standards, as measured by our Merchant Scorecard, may have their account activity suspended. "Scorecard Strike" suspensions generally last 30 days, but you may be eligible to expedite the length of your suspension by providing a plan for improved performance.
Merchant Performance Standards
All merchants actively operating on Groupon Goods Marketplace should be fully aware of our scorecard metrics and their corresponding performance goals. Please review our Merchant Scorecard Performance Standards before proceeding with this application.
Scorecard Strike Appeal Guidelines

1) provide a breakdown of each performance metric that fell below our merchant standards

2) provide a specific, actionable plan for improving all performance metrics that fell below our merchant standards

**Appeals that fail to properly address all sub-standard metric categories, fail to offer specific solutions to performance issues, or provide false information will not be processed for review. Please check all fields below for accuracy before submitting. Any inaccurate information may cause your appeal to not be processed.**
Have you fully read both the "Merchant Performance Standards" and "Scorecard Strike Appeal Guidelines" provided above? *
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