Prioritization Survey - Royal Gorge Regional Aquatic & Recreation Center
Please complete this survey to help us to continue to develop the vision of what the recreational needs are for the citizens of the Royal Gorge Region. This is a work in progress and will be finalized after public feedback is incorporated.
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Please Rank (only choose 1 per #) - Amenities *
9- Lowest
Aquatic Center - Indoor Lap pool, slide, kid area
Community Meeting Space (Golden Age, Boys/Girls Club, Young LIfe, etc.
Fitness Center (Weights, Cardio Machines, Etc.)
Gymnasium Space (Basketball Courts, Pickle Ball, etc)
Indoor Track
Indoor Turf Practice/Competition Field
Outdoor Pursuits (Equipment Rental)
Outdoor Pool
Rock Climbing Wall
Please Rank (only choose 1 per #) - Services *
1- Highest Priority
4 - Lowest Priority
Fitness Classes (Yoga, Aerobics, etc)
Outdoor Pursuits (Group Activities, Climbing Lessons, etc)
Recreational Leagues (Soccer, Volleyball, etc)
Swim Lessons
It will take a large amount of public funding In order to construct this facility. Please select your preference as a revenue source. *
Based on your preferences on Services and Amenities and knowing that each of these has an associated cost, which size of a RECREATION CENTER BUILDING would you be willing to support for our community? When the feasibility study was created, consultants were tasked with suggesting three plan options. Option 1 is a complete facility that includes all of the amenities identified as needs in the community. Options 2 and 3 were scaled-down plans that would essentially represent two different phase 1 options, with future phases to be determined. +OPTION ONE+ is a center with a multi-court gymnasium, warm water leisure pool with zero depth entry and play features, lap pool, multi-purpose room,walking/jogging track, fitness center with cardiovascular and weight lifting area, group exercise rooms, birthday party rooms, child watch area, Golden Age Center, support offices, administration area and lobby. The base option is approximately 82,708 square feet. +OPTION TWO+ retains the aquatic and fitness spaces in option one while allowing future phasing of the gymnasium courts, dedicated Golden Age area, meeting rooms and walking/jogging track. Option two is approximately 44,932 square feet. +OPTION THREE+ retains the aquatic space in option one, reduces the fitness area while phasing the gymnasium courts, dedicated Golden Age area, meeting rooms and walking/jogging area. Option Three is approximately 36,868 square feet. *
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