Ocean paddling competency theory assessment
While Singapore waters are relatively flat and calm most of the time, it can be unpredictable and treacherous during tidal changes due to strong currents, especially around the southern islands due to many eddy currents there. Singapore is also prone to sudden squalls and micro weather changes.

The theory test is designed for all paddlers on all ocean going paddle crafts. The first section is to understand a little bit about you and your comfort level in open waters. The second section is around identification of navigational aids and landmarks. The third section is to test your knowledge around risk management and the fourth section is to test your situation awareness. The last section is optional to steersmen for outrigger canoes only.

For more detailed study guide around the quiz, please attain a copy of the Singapore Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License handbook, It can be purchased from various online education platforms and marinas. The Meteorological Services of Singapore also provides a variety of useful information.You should also familiarise yourself with the MPA circular which can be found here: [https://www.mpa.gov.sg/web/portal/home/port-of-singapore/circulars-and-notices/detail/pc11-11]

Lastly, you should reference materials on the internet or refer to the PPCDL handbook for answers, which is highly recommended if unsure.

Remember, plan your journey in advance, ensure you have your safety equipment available, stay safe and have fun.
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