Erasmus+ seminar "Respect for Diversity - Everybody's Business" (7-15 February 2019, Lebanon)

The main idea of this seminar is to gather 24 youth workers from 4 European and 4 Southern Mediterranean countries in order to exchange good practices and find effective youth work tools for inter-cultural dialogue and promoting respect for diversity at the local level in order to ensure greater inclusion of youth from different backgrounds.

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The participants we are looking for should be:
- active in the youth field (practicing youth workers, youth leaders, educators..) or working with the people with migrant background and willing to work with young people as a target group
- have NOT participated in more than 2 EuroMed projects in the past (we want „new faces“)
- interested in working on the topic of intercultural dialogue
- fluent in English (not only understanding, but also able to freely express their ideas and work in English)
- ready to get involved in preparations for the training – do „home’works“ (researching local situation and ready to share good practices, etc.)
- ready to implement at least 1 follow-up activity after the project at their local community related to the topic (alone or with someone else)

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As the contents of the project will largely depend on participants’ engagement and contributions, we expect all participants to have a REAL experience in youth work and non-formal education for some time and maturity as personalities.

If the candidates offered by partner organizations will be too unsuitable, we keep the right to choose other participants.

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General deadline to fill in this application form - Saturday, 1st December!

(Nevertheless, for some countries there could be a slight extension...)

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