Disability Rights & Resources Consumer Needs Survey
Disability Rights & Resources seeks public input regarding the independent living needs of people with disabilities of all ages. People with disabilities, family members, advocates, professionals, and others are asked to rank priorities listed below. Information obtained from this survey will be considered in the development of our agency's workplan. E-mail questions to dan.kessler@drradvocates.org Thank you!
Housing (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Home Modifications (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Transportation (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Employment (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Healthcare (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Personal Assistance (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Education (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Community Accessibility (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Alternate formats, Service Animals, Accessible business or government buildings and programs, etc
Provision of Sign Language Interpreters (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Interpreters for healthcare, employment, government services, etc.
Assistive Technology (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Basic Needs (5=High Need) (1=Low Need)
Food, clothing, utilities, etc.
Other High Need
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