Teacher of the Month
In an effort to honor the “T” in PTA, the ones who work in the trenches every day with our children, Arizona PTA rolled out our Teacher of the Month Program in September 2015. Over the past 3 years, we have honored 30 teachers and 3 Teachers of the Year with about $8,000 in awards and certificates. .

Arizona PTA is seeking nominations for amazing Teachers PTA members who show creativity in the classroom, are engaging to families and their communities and who truly are the “T” in their PTA. Submissions for Teacher of the Month are due by the 13th of each month. Please submit one teacher per PTA per month from your school. (http://azpta.org/about-arizona-pta/calendar.html) Monthly Teacher winners will receive a monetary award and a framable certificate signifying their Teacher of the Month status. All monthly winners are then considered for Teacher of the Year at the Arizona PTA State Convention where the winner will receive $1000.

In 2018, we are honored to have this award co-sponsored by the Arizona Education Association. Thank you for your support of our program and our efforts to honor our teachers.

If your nominee is chosen, we will ask you for a photo of your nominee. A photo of the nominee and the nomination will be posted in the Weekend Update and on our Facebook page.

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Teachers of the Month exhibit outstanding skills in family engagement, in the ways the teacher participates in PTA, and how they have been innovative on campus. Tell us how your nominee exhibits putting the "T" in PTA using these requirements as your guide. *
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