FCWC Visioning and Feedback
This is our first year asking for general interest, feedback, and visioning. This form is intended for folks who have attended camp at least once. This form is also the collective deepening of our organizers and campers sinking into the magic of FCWC 2017 where we will be doing a lot of visioning and listening. Whether you are coming to camp or not please answer these questions in whatever way best suites you.

Please allow yourself at least 30-40 minutes to fill out this form, long answers are welcome but not required to participate. You cannot save what you enter and return to the form so if you want to take some time to think about the questions you might want to copy the questions and paste your answers in later.

The intention of asking these questions is to hear from the larger FCWC community of current and previous campers. These answers will be made available to all current organizers in our process of trying to grow and improve the ways we offer camp.
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What is your name? (not required, but welcome. Also useful if you want to be available to talk more about your answers or you are looking to start a conversation with current organizers.)
What is your email? (same as above, not required)
How many years have you attended camp?
What year did you last attend camp?
What keeps you coming back to camp? Or what keeps you from coming back to camp? What attracts/what repels?
What do you experience the priorities of camp and its organizers to be? Do you feel aligned with those priorities?
Where would you like to see camp go in the future? What are both your short and long term dreams for what camp is in the future?
What is your experience of camp's expression of white supremacy? What changes do you see as necessary to dismantle white supremacy within camp culture?
This question is focused on people who are planning to attend the upcoming camp or who will be doing magic in connection with FCWC during camp: What are your intentions for camp this year?
Are you comfortable with your answers being anonymously included in the camp zine? If you'd like to share some and keep other questions private tell us which ones in "other."
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Thank you for weaving this web with us.
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