Livery Remake Request
Many people are excited about the M20 Collection v4 Update! For all those who ordered a custom livery before, we will need to remake it for the new paint kit in v4 so you can benefit from the new textures on the exterior.

The cost for the remake is estimated to be ~$10 USD. This is at-cost to us, as making a livery is a labor intensive effort. Thankfully, we have kept an archive of every livery we have done and our generated 2D outlines. Using this will allow us to keep costs down for the remakes.

Since this is labor intensive, it will take some time once the update is out to get these remakes done, so we are instituting a waitlist. Once we are within a week or so of being able to make your livery, we will email you a purchase link and additional information.

Emails will be sent out in the order the requests are received here. Liveries will be produced in the order payment is received. We reserve the right to make changes to this process.

Hopefully we can bring your awesome liveries to the M20 v4 very soon!

Note: If you purchased multiple liveries, just fill out this form multiple times.
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