UAAB Mentee Application - Due Sept 20, 2017
To apply as a mentee, you will need under 3 years of advising experience at VCU.
Part I - Background
Please enter the following information, which will be shared with your mentor if you are selected.
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Part II - Mentorship
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Part III - Achievement
What would you like to accomplish in your professional career in the next five years? (related to work, education, membership involvement, etc.) *
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As you reflect on your leadership style, what do you believe are your areas of strength? *
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What are some areas you would like to improve or develop? *
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What do you want to achieve out of a mentoring relationship at VCU?
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I have read the UAAB Mentorship Program guidelines available here: I understand that if I am selected as a UAAB mentee, I will be expected to make a one-year commitment to the program, beginning with at least one meeting in October 2017. *
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