CSE 512 Final Project Solicitation
Do you have interesting data analysis or presentation problems that you'd like to see visualization students address?
Can it be well scoped to a ~5 week project?
Are you (or a research assistant) willing to help provide guidance and feedback?

We are seeking exciting data visualization project ideas to share with student teams in CSE 512 Data Visualization. Please share a brief description of your project idea and corresponding data below. If you have multiple ideas, please feel free to submit the form multiple times.

We will review the submissions and get back to you.
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In roughly two sentences or less, describe the main project idea.
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What data is involved? *
Describe the data set(s) that students would work with, including a rough indication of data types and sizes.
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What is a reasonable outcome or deliverable? *
Briefly describe what a successful outcome of the project might look like (e.g., in terms of software and scientific goals)
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Who is the primary audience for this project idea? *
Is it your immediate research team, collaborators, publication readers, citizen science volunteers, the general public, etc?
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URL to Relevant Web Page
If you have a relevant project or research group web page, please include a link here.
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Feel free to share any additional comments or questions!
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