IGDN Metatopia 2017 Sponsorship Application
Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Indie Game Developer Network Metatopia Sponsorship! For the past three years, we've sent a number of designers to Metatopia to support the participation of marginalized communities and bring fresh and new voices to the indie community. We're excited to send up to eight designers this year!

The sponsorship offers the following to selected designers:
- a designer badge for the convention
- a shared room (1 roommate) from Fri-Sun
- up to $500 in travel to Morristown, NJ
- special events and mentoring throughout the weekend

If you get this sponsorship, you will be expected to attend Metatopia 2017. In addition to bringing your own game to playtest, you are also expected to participate in playtesting other people's games. Participating in this way is a valuable part of Metatopia both for you and for the other attendees.

In addition to your overall participation, we expect all scholarship recipients to attend group breakfasts each day to share their experiences and connect to each other broadly. Metatopia staff will help you manage your schedule to avoid conflicts with group meals, and we'll make a few other optional events available as well.

Applications are due by October 1st, 2017. Thanks!

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We are currently partnering with several local groups. If if you are a member of a partner organization and would like to submit your application for consideration in our partner program, please select them from the list below:
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Describe your experience as a game designer from a marginalized community. What unique challenges has this presented to you? - OR - Describe how your work as a game designer has supported a marginalized community. What have you learned from your experiences? *
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Metatopia works best as a place to playtest your game with a community of other game designers. Tell us about the game that you plan to playtest and how you plan to release it (self-publish, traditional publishing, free downloads). *
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