Harvest Rescue Volunteer Info 2019
Please fill out this form if you would like to stay informed of events happening for Harvest Rescue this year. Note that we generally pick fruit in and around Nelson, from "Blewett to Balfour". If you are looking for fruit to harvest outside of our area, try our facebook page "Harvest Rescue Fruit Exchange", kootenayfood.ca/share, or e-mail dayna@nelsoncfc.ca to get connected to neighbouring fruit gleaning organizations and opportunities.
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Welcome to the 12th season of Harvest Rescue, a program of the Nelson Community Food Center.
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What area of Nelson do you currently live in?
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Are you comfortable climbing ladders of varying height? Check all that apply.
Transportation: What option best describes your transportation needs this season?
If you have a vehicle, are you willing to transport ladders (6ft to 15ft). Please note that we have protectors and ratchet straps for your roof and when used correctly there should be no risk of damage.
Starting in August, we are coordinating regular picks twice a week. All volunteers will start off by meeting at the Nelson Community Food Center at the corner of Silica and Josephine St. We will gather the equipment, meet our fellow pickers and caravan and/or carpool to the tree picking sites. What day and time would you most likely be available to join?
Are you willing to lead a pick? (Leading requires picking up ladders, bins, and baskets. You will bring a team to a tree and return to 602 Silica to off load everything.)
If you are willing to lead a pick, please specify which days you could do so.
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What fruits are you interested in picking?
Have you volunteered with Harvest Rescue before? If so, what year?
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How did you find out about Harvest Rescue?
Anything else we should know about?
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