OLN Family Fireside Weekend Registration
This weekend is an opportunity for OLN families to grow in their faith, strengthen relationships, and celebrate our parish community.

From 12pm on Saturday, October 5 until 11am on Sunday, October 6, we will pray together, spend time with our kids and with each other, make s’mores, and (if you want) have fun camping out on the grounds of the church. Families of ALL kinds, in all their wonderful diversity, are welcome.

Please submit this form by Friday, September 27 or submit a paper copy to Donna Keeley in the church office, or drop it off in her mailbox in the copy room.

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The OLN Family Fireside Weekend is a church sponsored event which includes the components of faith, fellowship and fun. To make sure all have this opportunity we request parents and guardians supervise their children at all times. If a child in attendance negatively affects the experience of others, the team in charge will address the issue with the parent/guardian. If the behavior continues, the team may ask the parent/guardian to remove the child from continued participation in the event. Please sign your name below acknowledging your understanding of this behavior expectation. *
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