Partners in Reciprocity (PiR) INDIVIDUAL Application
How to Apply:
- Applications are due on December 10th
- There are two parts to the application - a team portion and an individual portion. This is the individual portion.
- Teams will be notified by December 18th of their acceptance
Name: *
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What Organizational team do you belong to: *
Share the name of the organization only. Do not list your fellow teammates.
What is your role at the organization? *
What does reciprocity mean to you? *
What strengths do you bring to your team? *
Why do you want to participate in PiR? *
What are you hoping to learn? *
How do you take care of yourself? Do you have allies within your organization who you can trust and talk to about what emerges through this work? *
Do you have any accessibility needs we should be aware of?
This question encompasses helping enable your participation on virtual platforms as well as in person.
*OPTIONAL* Please share relevant links related to your application (videos, social media accounts, articles etc.)
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