Zuiqiu (Football) - Registration Form
Event date and time: 17th February, 10:00 AM

Event heads: Rahul Goliya, Mehzar Rizvi
98192 18002​

1) The tournament will follow a 7v7 format with 3 rolling substitutes.
2) Each game will be 15 minutes per half.
3) Extra time will be 5 minutes per half.
4) Each team will need to submit a list of the participants in advance.
5) Football flats and turf shoes allowed only, studs and spikes will not be permitted.
6) The referee’s decision is final and cannot be changed.
7) If the match ends in a draw there will be extra time followed by a penalty shootout.
8) Teams will not be allowed to make changes to the team sheet without prior notice given to the event heads.

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This is a group event. A team can be of 5-8 members. You must select a captain to represent the team and provide their email and phone number above.

Below, list the names of all your team members according to their post. Enter both first and last name.
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