Ethiopian Medical Association -                         Network of Ethiopian Diaspora Doctors             (EMA-NEDD)
The Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) is one of the oldest professional associations in Ethiopia, established on July 2, 1962, G.C. EMA is a member of the World Medical Association since 1994 G.C.  EMA publishes the Ethiopian Medical journal since its establishment .  EMA has a vision to see a healthy and prosperous Ethiopian community with access to quality health services. EMA’s mission is to ensure the community gets quality health service; promote highest standards in medical education, science, art and practice; and ensure the rights and benefits of medical doctors and be their voice.  EMA works in partnership with different stakeholders, including governmental, non-governmental, private and international and local development organizations to realize it objectives. The Ethiopian Medical Association has nine branch offices in five regions Tigray, Amhara, Southern Nations and Nationalities, Oromia, and Harari.

Ethiopian Medical Association aims to engage Ethiopian and Ethiopian born physicians living abroad to collaborate with each other and provide support for the Ethiopian healthcare provision, by establishing EMA - Network of Ethiopian Diaspora Doctors (NEDD). NEDD will advise and share experience on high-impact interventions of the association to promote excellence in the Ethiopian health system and medical education through bringing global best practices. The network will partake in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of high impact interventions of the association aimed at ensuring and advancing the quality of Ethiopian healthcare. It will represent EMA in discussions and collaborations with stakeholders to optimize the education of the medical workforce, medical care, and achieve universal health coverage. The network will promote cooperation amongst physicians in Ethiopia and abroad, through the facilitation of experience sharing opportunities.

Moreover, it will pave the way to work on improving the health care system in Ethiopia, work with governmental and non-governmental agencies and other stakeholders to improve physicians job opportunities and decrease unemployment, general skill development for medical students and junior doctors, and general experience sharing on different areas of the field. It will also create an opportunity for the physicians living abroad to take part in the burning medical issues that affect the Ethiopian community and the members as a whole and let them integrate their input on the matter.

NEDD also has timely initiatives such as #DOCTORSFORETHIOPIA which aims to donate medical equipments and medications to affected communities due to the Northern war. NEDD plans to mobilize the Diaspora Health care community in supporting the victims of the public health crisis due to the political instability. By joining NEDD you will directly help your fellow Ethiopians who are in urgent need of health services.

If you would like to become member of Network of Ethiopian Diaspora Doctors (NEDD), Please fill the following form and pass it on to your network of physicians.

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