2018-2019 Walker County Schools Elementary School Title I Parent and Family Engagement Survey Cherokee Ridge Elementary
Please take a few moments to answer questions on this brief survey that will provide us with information needed to help us evaluate and improve how our schools, families, and parents work together to help all students achieve academically. If you have children who attend different schools in the Walker County School District in grades K-8, we ask that you please complete separate surveys for each school that your children attend.
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Your students grade level *
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What is your relationship to your student? Please select the answer that best describes your relationship.
How well do you feel your student's school provides parent and family members with opportunities to share feedback and ideas regarding the schools parent and family engagement program and activities? *
Not well
Extremely well
Did you attend a meeting this school year where the goals and activities of the Title I program were discussed with parents and family members? *
At the beginning of the school year, all parents were asked to sign a school-parent compact outlining the responsibilities of both the school and family/parents in providing the best academic experience for your student. Please explain how the school-parent compact impacted your student's education this school year? *
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How would you like to see the parent and family engagement funds used at your student's school? (check all that apply) *
What would help you participate more in the decision making and the overall academic achievement in your students school? *
Have you been given opportunities to provide input in school decisions? *
How well does the school encourage you to play a role in the school improvement planning process? *
Not well
Extremely well
In the past year, did you participate in the development and review of the following? Parent and Family Engagement Activities *
Parent and Family Engagement Plan *
Use of Parent and Family Engagement Funds *
School Parent Compact *
Title I Program Services *
School Improvement Plan *
How well does your student's school provide information that is easy to understand? *
Not Well
Extremely well
How often does your student's teacher communicate with you about your student's progress? *
How would you prefer to receive information from your student's school? (check all the apply)
Do you know how to contact your student's teacher? *
What ways can the school improve communication between families and the school? *
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Are you aware of what your student is expected to understand in all subject areas? *
How often do you meet in person with your student's teacher? *
How well does school leadership foster an environment in which staff, families and the community work together to improve student achievement? *
Not well
Extremely well
What type of programs would you like the school to provide for parents? (Check all that apply) *
In the past year, how often did you attend a parent meeting or event to help you work with your student to do better in school? *
Please indicate whether you received the following information from your student's school. Information about what the school teaches your student *
Information on the Georgia Milestones Assessment *
Information on how your student scored on the Georgia Milestone Assessments *
What a score on the Georgia Milestone Assessments means *
How to keep track of your student's progress *
Information used to determine whether your student moves to the next grade or repeats the same grade *
How you can work with teachers to help your student in school *
How often have you participated in the classroom activities with your student during the school day? *
How often do you work with your student on homework? *
How often do you have conversations with your student about what his or her class is learning at school? *
What ways can the school help you work with your student to do better in school? *
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How frequently do you participate in activities at your student's school? *
Are you aware of the opportunities to volunteer at your student's school? *
How well do you feel the school creates a welcoming environment for parents? *
Not well
Extremely well
Which of the following would enable you to participate in family meetings and school activities? (Check all that apply) *
For each activity listed below, please provides us with your feedback by checking the box that best describes your opinion. Open House Night *
Reading Night *
Lunch and Learn (Thanksgiving & Christmas) *
Georgia Milestones Information Meeting *
Block Party at RHS *
All Pro Dads *
Parent/Teacher Conferences *
What ways can the school help families engage in school activities and programs? *
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Please describe any hobbies, talents, interests, or work experiences that you could share with the families, staff, or students at your student's school.
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