AMA with Digital Nutritionist, Jocelyn Brewer
I'm making a podcast! Because: there aren't enough podcasts in the world yet!

It's an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on all of your questions, conundrums and confusions about technology and staying human in a digital world

I'll span any topics that relate (but are not limited to): screen time, digital parenting dilemmas, online dating issues, video games, social media etiquette, eHealth interventions, AR and AI and robots, Educational Technology, tech/life balance and digital wellbeing (ie: the opposite of tech 'addictions'), cyber-bullying, online hate and abuse...

I'm going to draw on my network of superb experts in these areas to bring you short bites of information that use best-practice and evidence-backed approaches to answer your questions.

All you need to do is ask your question below. Provide an email address if you'd like to be contacted.


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