Well-Being in Engineering Faculty Life
This study aims to capture and understand how women in faculty positions within engineering disciplines incorporate different facets of well-being into their career and personal lives.

This questionnaire is designed to get to know you and see if you are interested in potentially sharing your story with me in a one-on-one interview.

The information you share will be kept completely confidential. The full details of the study can be found in the Informational Letter: http://bit.ly/wie_wellbeing_informational_letter
This study has been approved under Clemson IRB #2017-226.
Your Professional and Personal Well-Being Experiences
1. Please list the roles you play within your professional and personal life that are most important to you. *
e.g. faculty member, mentor to graduate students, parent, spouse, caregiver to elderly parent, religious community member, leader in professional organization, friend
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The wellness wheel image below displays some common ways people conceptualize personal and professional well-being. Consider these (and other forms relevant to you) in the following two questions.
2. Please describe a time when you felt happy or satisfied in both your personal and professional life. *
What did your life look like during that time? For example, you may choose to talk about things like: - What your family relationships were like - What you were doing to take care of yourself - Who were you working closely with, etc.
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3. Pick one category from the wellness wheel that you feel is important to you. Thinking about this category, please describe how you try to maintain well-being as a whole person across your professional and personal roles. *
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Your Background
First and Last Name *
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Name of your current institution *
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Is your discipline within engineering? *
What is your sub-discipline? (e.g. electrical engineering) *
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What is your current faculty rank? *
Your position is *
How many years have you been in your current faculty rank position? *
How many years total have you been in a faculty position? *
Gender? *
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Race/Ethnicity? *
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Interest in Joining Well-Being Study Interview
Please enter your email address if you are willing to be contacted by me to share more of your story in a one-on-one interview.
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Do you have any friends or colleagues who are women faculty members in an engineering discipline that you would like to recommend I contact to also join the study? If so, please share their name and email address.
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