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The MusicMaps mission is to get everyone involved in music. Post to your social network, give flyers to your neighbours or maintain a flyer drop location. Let us know what you've done, so when we get a successful sign-up, we can match it to you and thank you.
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I posted to my social network #GetInvolvedWithMusicMaps, uploaded this image and asked my network to sign-up by messaging @MusicMapsGroove
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I have restocked flyers or pinned up a flyer at a primary school, family friendly cafe, arts venue, educational venue, library, or some other suitable public place. The name and address with postcode is below.
You can order flyers below.
I have distributed flyers in these streets as listed.
Please give postcodes, and lists of streets.
I would like these printed flyers as below.
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Hand flyers (A6 size) good for stacking
Posters (A4 size) good for pinning up on a board
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When each of your recommendations is successful, let us know how you'd like us to thank you.
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