Feel trapped by your Credit History?
If you’re trying to improve your credit score but feel trapped, please share your experiences below.

We’re doing what we can to raise this issue with policy-makers, but we need more information about what’s really going on to back us up.

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Do you check your credit rating? If so - who do you use?
Did you know that there are three UK credit reference agencies?
Do you believe your credit rating has ever been negatively affected by a lender?
Do you believe it's been impacted by anything else?
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If you’re working to improve your credit score, do you see it improving?
What changes have you made to improve your credit score?
Have you ever found that even though you were making payments to a creditor your credit score wasn't improving?
Are you okay with being contacted by researchers in order to collect more information about your experience with credit?
What region of the UK do you live in?
We are talking with regulators & government officials about your experiences. If you have anything else to say about your credit rating or your experience with credit in general, please share it below. For example, what changes would you like to see about how credit is used and reported?
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Thank You for your help!
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