Sustainability Pledge 2018
Sustainability work strives to increase opportunities that enhance human wellbeing. Opportunities for wellbeing depend on access to food, housing, clean air and water, security, political freedom, health care, education, electric power, transportation, relationships with other species and with well-functioning ecosystems.
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Alternative modes of transportation - get creative!
I pledge to use less energy by
Bard's free store: something new every visit!
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We're here to help you be as low waste as you want to be!
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March for Science or Marsh for Science!
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Which sustainable development goals most interest you? Select up to three.
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The Bard Office of Sustainability thanks you for pledging. Come find us at Buildings & Grounds.
Want to understand how to be Bard-Es? Have Comments? Suggestions? Let us know your Bard email (+cell phone, always optional). Definition of Bard-Es (pronounced Bärdēs): enthusiastic proponents of the three sustainability E's - a healthy interplay among issues related to the environment, equity and the economy as they related to living at Bard.
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