Local and Disadvantaged Hire Verification Form
West Oakland Job Resource Center (WOJRC) is a designated organization by the City of Oakland and Port of Oakland to verify all new hires at the Global Logistics Complex, formerly known as  the Oakland Army Base (OAB), to determine if the new hires meet the “Local Hire” and “Disadvantaged” hire definition.  

The information gathered on this form is for verification purpose only, and shall be kept confidential, in compliance with the 1974 Privacy Act. None of this information shall be released to the employer, and the data gathered information shall only be used as “aggregate” information to determine if the employers are in compliance with the 50% Local Hire and 25% Economically Disadvantaged Hire policies as enacted by the City and Port of Oakland.  

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Aid to Families with Dependent Children
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