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This tour is the OFFICIAL BLOG + Review Tour for two books by Lin Stepp, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours. This blog + review tour is scheduled for March 23-27, 2020 with a variety of review, author interviews and spotlight with excerpts stops.

This tour is open to Bloggers and ALL Readers as Reviewers. Reviewers without assigned blog stops will only need to read the book and submit review links to Goodreads/BookBub and at least 1 retail site. No blog required for reviewers.

Hosts & reviewers may choose to feature the 'mountains' book (Happy Valley) or the 'sea' book (Return to Edisto) or BOTH (both is encouraged when possible).

A digital copy (INT) of the book will be provided for Review Hosts. (Only 1 copy of the book will be provided for the same host on multiple tours of this title.)

SIGN-UPS CLOSE on February 20, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST or later.
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Happy Valley by Lin Stepp
Series: Mountain Home Books #1
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance
Release Date: April 2020

Escape to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in this sweet tale of two young people who meet by chance, their paths soon overlapping and intertwining amid a cast of warm-hearted characters in the small rural community of Happy Valley.

When Grandpa suffered a heart attack, Juliette Hollander saw little choice but to head back to their Tennessee mountain farm in Happy Valley to help out. She didn’t expect, or want, to leave behind her life and work in North Carolina to return to her grandparents’ home so soon. Nor did she imagine meeting, and working with, the mysterious man she met briefly last summer and never thought to see again.

Walker Logan spent the last two years traveling the United States, seeing the beauty of the country and running from his past. But an old rock house he sees while hiking near Abrams Creek Campground unexpectedly calls to his soul. With danger close behind, he never stayed in one place long enough to put down roots. Yet now, with a new vision, he decides to take the risk.
Return to Edisto by Lin Stepp
Series: The Edisto Trilogy #2
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance
Release Date: April 2020

Return to Edisto Island in this rich, Lowcountry story of a young woman’s difficult decision to run from threat and danger, changing the course of her well-ordered life and, in turn, the life of the young man who loved and lost her.

It was a long trip back to Edisto Island, South Carolina, and the beach house that shaped so much of Mary Helen’s Avery’s early life. Now her mind flashed between anger and hurt over the difficult situation she’d left behind at the job she loved. Was she doing the right thing to leave? Should she have stayed to fight? She hoped at the quiet, beloved island she knew so well, she’d find the answers she needed and peace from all this turmoil.

J.T. Mikell’s heart took a familiar lurch when he saw the car with New Jersey plates parked at the Avery’s beach house. Even after ten years, the memory of Mary Helen Avery still tormented him. Finding her on the porch weeping lit old fires he thought long dead. Was he a fool to hope for something more between them with all their problems of the past? Probably so, but if she stayed long enough he’d find one more chance to try.
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