IQT Code of Conduct Issue Reporting Form
Tournament Directors: Please fill out this form for ANY issues that you had related to equity issues or violations of the Code of Conduct. Please be as specific as possible with regards to both the details of the issue as well as any action you took to remedy the matter.

Submit a SEPARATE FORM for each issue that you encountered at your tournament.
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Name *
Tournament Name *
Tournament Date *
Issue *
Please give a detailed description of the issue that was brought to your attention regarding any violation of code of conduct or equity matters.
ADULT Individuals Involved in the Issue *
Please list ANY adults individuals involved in the issue and provide contact information for each person (email address, cell phone number) as well as the role they had at your tournament (coach, judge, volunteer, TAB staff, etc.). Please include other witnesses or anyone you think may have information on the matter should we need to investigate further.
STUDENT Individuals Involved in the Issue *
Please list ANY students involved in the issue and provide contact the school of each student involved
Action Taken *
Please list any action you took at the tournament, including, but not limited to: removal from tournament, verbal reprimand, discussion with coach, awarding of a win or loss, etc.
Other Information *
Is there any other information that we should know?
Verification of Sharing Course of Action *
I certify that I informed any reporting part of the additional steps they are afforded in the Code of Conduct and Constitution to seek remedy for this issue beyond the tournament space. If your answer isn't yes, STOP and inform them of these potential options NOW.
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