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Alana Staszczyszyn 
Alana Staszczyszyn is a practicing security consultant. Her past and present work has focused on penetration testing and security governance in the public health sector. She is also heavily interested in various political, socioeconomic, and cultural aspects of cybersecurity, particularly on how the intersections of security and those domains have given rise to new cyber-threat landscape risks.

John Simpson
John graduated from the Sheridan Information Systems Security program in 2015 and is currently a vulnerability researcher and team lead with Trend Micro in Toronto. He started his career with a coop position at Deloitte and stayed on board after graduation, working in Security Operations Center engineering and vulnerability assessment/penetration testing roles. In his current position, John reverse engineers vulnerabilities to write proof-of-concept exploits and devise network detection strategies to catch exploitation attempts. During the last 4.5 years in his current role, he has discovered several new vulnerabilities, authored blog posts for Trend Micro and Zero Day Initiative, and spoken at several conferences.

Nicholas Johnston
Nick is the program coordinator for, and professor in, Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security) degree program. Previous to his academia role, Nick led an incident response team, worked as a computer forensic investigator, programmer, penetration tester, secure code auditor, and general InfoSec consultant. You can find Nick on Twitter at @nickinfosec where he’ll either be tweeting cringe-worthy cyberpuns or electronics/maker questions.

Lee Kagan
Lee started in IT and security world in 2010 in Toronto, Canada. When Lee isn’t tip-toeing through enterprise’s Active Directory environments, he’s running the DerbyCon Toronto Community Chapter, the Canadian Collegiate Cyber Exercise (C3X), and as an instructor teaching Canadian offensive and defensive professionals ways to up their game. Lee has spoken at multiple events and conferences such as BSides and SecTor. In his spare time, Lee is an executive chef at a restaurant in his mind.

Olivier Lemelin
Olivier is currently a Threat Hunter at a major Canadain Telco and has been a part of the security industry for the last five years. He believes that the modern web browser is too complex and could be replaced by a well-behaved terminal environment and a bunch of Gopher servers. In his free time, he enjoys binary exploitation, Emacs, LISP programming, and gardening, all from the comfort of his $HOME.
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