24-25 ALP Goal Setting Parent and Teacher Input
It is time for new Advanced Learning Plans for this school year.  You are a valuable voice for your child and we need to gather your input as we consider goals for this school year.  We have a bridging goal that was created in the spring with last year's teacher. This year's teacher is also weighing in so we can all collaborate to create meaningful goals for your child. You will receive a finalized document with goals no later than September 30, 2024 with finalized goals.  We will meet at fall parent teacher conferences to review and have you sign.

Please provide us with some ideas you may have so we may build a new ALP at this time.  Thank you!
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In what ways would you like to see your student grow next year? *
What is your child interested in and/or passionate about?  What are your student's strengths? *
Is there anything your student struggles with either inside or outside of school? *
Math goal ideas:  Use only if your student has math ALP
Reading goal ideas: Use only if your student has reading ALP
Other area of identification ideas:  Use only if your student has ALP in different area.  Please list area then idea.
Social emotional/Affective goal ideas:  Every ALP must have one of these!  Ideas shared with students are: learning about self as learner, organization, study skills, social skills, self confidence, self advocacy, emotional awareness *
What should I know about your child/student? (If you haven't previously told me:)
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