Cambridgeport Support Form
In this time of social distancing, we can still help one another. Do you need help from a neighbor? Are you available to help others? Please fill out this form and we'll try to connect you.

Here's how it works: the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association board will monitor responses to this form and "match" people who need help with those who offer to provide it. If we find a match for you, we'll connect the two of you over email. The two of you can take it from there.

Information collected will be accessible to CNA Board members. Personal information (name and contact info) will be shared with your match. This is not a guarantee of services, and we are not able to independently vouch for the services offered. We are simply connecting people, and ask that you use your own judgment on what services you are comfortable providing and receiving. Please stay safe, distant, and kind.

We encourage you to share this form with your friends and neighbors in Cambridgeport.

If you have questions about this form, please email

For a wide variety of resources and information, visit the city's Coronavirus website at
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If you are matched, we will inform you through email. We will share your contact information with your match so that the two of you can connect.
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If you are able to PROVIDE help:
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I can help by...
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I may have extra items that are in short supply in stores
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If you are looking to RECEIVE help:
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