Feedback on Critical Areas of Independent Police Oversight, organized by Anti Police-Terror Project
We invite organizations or individuals to give feedback on this list of APTP's Proposal for Effective Police Oversight. Results will be compiled and used to support organizing around several places we can implement these changes (Police Commission Measure, Police Officers Bill of Rights, State Law, City Charter, City Enabling Ordinance, etc.)

We will ask you for your zip code, racial identity, name and email to follow up as needed. This will help ensure that the communities impacted by this have their voices uplifted in this information gathering process.

Please indicate if you Agree, Disagree or if this feels Not Important on the 18 areas below.

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Police Commission: No mayoral appointees to the Police Commission. All members must be candidates proposed by the community.
Police Commission: Determine policy for the Police Department based on community input and expertise
Police Commission: Discipline and dismiss police officers on referrals from the Civilian Complaints Office or the Police Chief
Police Commission: Not have current, former or family of police officers as members
Police Commission: Governing methods of the commission must be collectivist, anti-oppressive and focus on transparency and accountability.
Police Commission: Receive appropriate salaries based on effort required
Police Commission: Commissioners should receive regular training on policing, principled community engagement and civil rights by community groups, impacted family members, and law enforcement personnel
Police Commission: Share policy and proposed policy changes in publicly accessible formats
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): For Budget Cycle 2021- Be funded at an amount no less that 5% of the total police department budget (this can include the budget necessary to support the Commission)
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Receive, investigate and resolve all civilian complaints against police in 120 days
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Have one investigator for every 70 police officers
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Have its Director selected from candidates offered by community organizations
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Be immediately notified and required to send an investigator to the scene of a police shooting or in-custody death
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Be allowed to interrogate officers less than 24 hours after an incident where deadly force is used
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency):Not have current or former police officers or families of officers on its staff (including Director)
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Issue public quarterly reports analyzing complainants, demographics of complainants, status and findings of investigations and actions taken as a result of the recommendations
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Compel the Police Chief to explain why he/she has not followed a recommendation
CPRA (Citizen Police Review Agency): Establish multiple in-person and online ways to submit, view and discuss complaints
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