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The Line 3 and Keystone XL pipelines have several things in common. They both violate Indigenous Nations treaty rights. They would both be devastating for our climate. And both are being met with fierce resistance on the ground, in the courts and all across the country.

One other thing that the Line 3 and Keystone XL pipelines have in common is that they both require money to be built.

Right now, TC Energy, the company behind Keystone XL, is working hard to secure a $4 billion loan it needs to build the pipeline. In March, Enbridge Energy, the corporation behind Line 3, has a $2.1 billion loan that is due for renewal. Banks like Chase, Citi and Bank of America could easily walk away from Line 3 then. If they do, it will become that much harder for Enbridge to pay for the toxic pipeline.

On Friday, December 11th, we are going to deliver letters to bank branches, insurance offices and asset manager headquarters all across the country making it clear: Fund Line 3 or Keystone XL and there will be consequences.

Can you sign up here to deliver a letter to a bank branch, insurance office or asset manager office near you?

Right now, we are in the midst of a deadly wave of the pandemic. Our actions must be COVID-safe, and not place anyone in harms’ way. That’s why when you sign up to participate in a letter delivery action, you’ll be provided with a set of COVID-Safe Action Agreements, which we’ll ask you to agree to. We’ll also provide you with the tips, resources and support you’ll need to take part in a successful action.

As part of the action, we will be delivering the Indigenous Women’s Tar Sands letter (copy of the letter here: which has been signed by more than forty Indigenous women who are organizing to stop tar sands in their communities, and 158 organizations. The letter demands that construction of the pipelines stops during the pandemic, an end to sexual violence from pipeline construction projects; it also warns financial institutions not to support the tar sands industry and requests a meeting.

We ask that you deliver the letter in groups of one or two people. If you are able to take a photo, or a short video, of yourself delivering the letter and send it to us, we’ll turn it into a video and send it to Wall Street CEOs and executives.

With construction beginning on the toxic Line 3 pipeline, now is the time to put the financial sector on warning ― please sign up here to join us in standing with frontline communities in opposing these dangerous pipelines.

Here is a copy of the Indigenous Women's Tar Sands Letter that we are asking you to deliver: https://d99d2e8d-06c9-433b-915d-f6e381b1acd4.usrfiles.com/ugd/d99d2e_d74cf8f06b194a8cb1c96b6c07ee7713.pdf

Once you complete this form, someone from STMP will be in touch to support you in taking action.
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We ask that all participants agree to these Covid-Safe Action Agreements. Before answering this question, please read the Action Agreements here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KtMDseJVImMrNTeQwc7G0f4WsZHBhYYw9e9_qsqVu9I/edit
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We hope to take all of the photos and videos of people delivering letters across the country and make an action wrap-up video to send to the CEOs of our targets. We encourage you to send us a photo or a video of you delivering your letter. Your photos and video can either be of the letter delivery itself, or of yourself outside of the branch before you deliver the letter. We will ask you to send your photos and video footage to: photos@stopthemoneypipeline.com
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