ZAPP | Artist Survey 2020
Welcome to our 2020 ZAPP artist survey! We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to share your experience. The results of this survey will be used to plan future website enhancements, make business improvements, and better understand our customer base. Your feedback is essential to us. Thank you for your time!

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is intended for those using only. Admin feedback will be collected in a different form.
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How likely are you to recommend ZAPP to a friend or colleague?
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Were you impacted by COVID-19 in any of the following ways? Select all that apply.
How often do you use ZAPP throughout the year?
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Please rank the following in order of importance as they relate to your use of ZAPP.
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Finding new events
Applying to events
Managing current applications
Paying for booth and art festival fees
Viewing a historical reference of all past applications
Uploading, categorizing, and storing artwork images
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How easy is it to find and apply to events on ZAPP?
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What feature do you value the most on ZAPP? Why?
What feature on ZAPP would you improve? Why?
Please rank the following potential enhancements in order of importance.
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5 (Least Important)
Portfolio Upgrade. This would give artists the ability to tag, sort, and adjust the display of media in your portfolio for easier organization.
Online Sales. This would give you the ability to manage your artwork inventory and sell your artwork online through ZAPP.
Event Search Upgrade. This would give you the ability to search for events based on more filters and criteria, such as booth cost, show size, estimated attendance, etc.
Show Ratings. This would give you the ability to rate and review shows you have participated in.
Interactive Booth Map. This would give artists the ability to request a booth space by clicking on a booth space on an interactive map.
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When you have a question about using ZAPP, what are you most likely to do?
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What customer support method is most desirable for you?
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How would you rate our customer service?
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Any additional feedback?
We are collecting demographic information to develop a better idea of the current art fair and festival industry demographics. Would you like to participate?
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