SnApPy Birthday!
We LOVE birthdays and want to celebrate yours too. I've been giving snappy pattern birthday presents for a few years now and want to make sure we celebrate your big day :)

A coupon will be emailed to you during the first week of the month following your bday. This way we can make sure everyone that signs up that month will get the coupon.

Eeeek! Presents are the to cupcakes.

Take a few minutes and fill out a little info. Please be honest and only fill this out once and for yourself. I am sure we would love your cat, dog, bird and baby, but unless they can crochet or knit the pattern don't enter their info.

what is YOUR real name? Your full name will not be posted. *
what is YOUR birthday? The year and your age will not be posted. You don't even need to change the year. *
what is YOUR email address? Please make sure it is typed correctly so we can copy and paste. *
Important FYI
One entry per person....just you, the person who crochets or knits.

Please check your information and make sure it is correct. If your email bounces back we wont know how to get your birthday gift to you.

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