BGCI/ArbNet Partnership Programme
Last year we launched an international partnership building initiative to facilitate the development of international partnerships between botanic gardens and arboreta that are active in conservation. The partnerships are meant to be cooperations at the institutional level.

A number of partnerships were established in Phase 1; read more at

Deadline extended to May 15th 2018! The Programme is open to all.

Take part in the survey below.
By filling this form, you are speaking on behalf of your whole Institution. Submitted forms will be enrolled in the Partnership Programme.

The process
Gardens answer detailed questions on how they would like to benefit from the partnership and what specialist skills they can offer to the partnership.

BGCI and ArbNet evaluate the best matches between offers and needs.

Only the matches that rank the highest are taken forward. It is at this point that the selected gardens are contacted to discuss options.

We base our selection on the submissions we receive, so we cannot guarantee we will find suitable matches for all gardens that enroll in the Programme in this phase.

Grants available for members and accredited institutions
Once a partnership is developed in the framework of the Partnership Programme, BGCI and ArbNet accredited institutions are also eligible to apply for small grants from a fund established for the purpose.

You can join BGCI at
and ArbNet at

Tips for success
The more information you provide, the better is the likelihood to find a suitable match with a partner.

Any notes you add will NOT form part of the screening process, but may help with selection once suitable partners have been identified.

What happens to the data
BGCI and ArbNet will use the information you provide to match partners.

If we cannot find a partnership that is right for you, we would like (with your consent) to keep the information on record for future phases of the partnership programme, so we may find a partnership for you later on.

If you give permission, BGCI and ArbNet may use the information provided for populating external datasets for the purpose of research in conservation and institutional capacity.

You can choose to be added to our conservation and technical mailing lists.

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