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Thank you in advance for completing this form. The information you provide here will help us connect you to the next generation of emerging conservation leaders.  Your time is valuable, and we truly appreciate you sharing it as well as your knowledge, skills, and expertise with ELP's Diversity Fellows.
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About ELP's Diversity Fellowships
ELP manages the RAY Conservation Diversity Fellowship (www.rayconservationfellows.org) and Doris Duke Conservation Scholar Program (DDCSP) Alumni Network (www.ddcspnetwork.org) which aim to address the racial disparity in the conservation field by providing transformational leadership development and professional experiences for recent graduates of color.

ABOUT DDCSP Alumni Network:

DDCSP Network aims to catalyze a new generation of environmental leaders to disrupt the environmental workforce by providing emerging DDCSP alumni with the training, support and guidance they need to navigate their careers, address systemic challenges and inspire new equity-centered solutions for the environment, their communities, and society.

DDCSP alumni spent two summers during their undergraduate programs gaining conservation experience through field practice, research and internships.  ELP provides leadership retreats, mentorship, coaching and online programming to support the ongoing development of the 150+ alumni of Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP) across the US.  


RAY Fellows are recruited from across the country and from diverse fields of study for a one year fellowship with a marine conservation organization. One goal of the RAY fellowship is to build the network and community of RAY fellows by introducing them to diverse career options and connecting them with other POC working in conservation and environmental careers.  

Our invitation to you:
To achieve the goals of these programs we invite POC leaders in conservation and environmental fields who have an interest and desire to mentor young leaders to share your information below so we can connect you with our emerging environmental leaders of color.

We are excited about the opportunities to connect you with the next generation of inspiring leaders.  Thank you for your interest and commitment to paying it forward to the next generation.

Click link below to review our guidance on mentor roles: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6vWJgPEj6kxTXpEeWZFaFliSVk/view?usp=sharing 
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