Blockspot Conference Europe 2018
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in a wide range of industries.

Bitcoin, its main representative, is disrupting the world’s monetary system. Smart contracts, ICOs, cryptocurrencies and decentralized Web are all transforming our society as deep as Internet did, creating entire new fields of study, like Cryptoeconomics. Blockspot Conference is a meeting point for people that are handling those transformations.

Blockspot Conference Europe 2018 will be held from Nov 9-13, in Lisbon, Portugal. Website:
Open Call
Open Call for Blockspot Conference Europe 2018 is running. Submit your presentation and get a chance to become a speaker in this edition.

Before your submission, please read the following:

- Your presentation features a relevant discussion or topic around Blockchain and Blockspot Conference tracks (Gaming Industry, Corporate, Developer, Legal and Society, Banking and Investment, Healthcare, AI and IoT);
- You agree to use our guidelines in your slides (including not use your company's brand inside the presentation, and so on);
- You agree to send us your slides at least 15 days before your presentation;
- You can afford your travel and accommodation to the event;

- Your presentation features a product (like your token or your company's service);
- Your presentation could offend a group of people (race, religion, ethnicity, etc).
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