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Blog posts placed on an individual's blog are a high level of investment and imply a level of actual engagement of the ICO. Because of this, we place a high premium on Blog posts.
Likewise, because of this premium, we are a little more critical of both prerequisites
and content of the blog post.


Written in English and has at least 300 followers
If the blog is posted in a different language it must have 400+ followers
Must be unique content
Must be publically accessible
Must contain at least 700 characters
Must contain at least 3 links to the domain root of the following: or
The blog must contain some sort of contact information for the author

Critical Analysis

The rating of the Blog Post must meet these standards. As bloggers post, we will also give rationale for why we gave the blog the rating we did via email.

No Typos
Comprehensible Grammar
Unique Content
Compelling Content
All (BOTH compliments and critiques) are followed with evidence
Understanding of the Blockchain space in general

Blog Bounty:

- Excellent: 30 Stakes
- Good: 20 Stakes
- Acceptable: 10 Stakes

If the author disagrees with a rating, we will gladly explain our rationale for the rating in the bitcointalk or in our Slack channel.

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