Sell Your Chametz Through Chevrei Tzedek 5779
One of the Passover rituals is to remove chametz (leavened wheat/grain products) from our homes in accordance with the verse, “No leaven shall be found in your houses for seven days” (Exodus 12:19). Products considered chametz include: leavened bread, spaghetti, crackers, cereal, wheat, barley, oats, spelt, rye, and all liquids containing ingredients or flavors made from grain alcohol.

Ideally these products should be discarded prior to the start of Passover. Nonetheless, Judaism also recognizes that one should not incur undue financial loss in observance of the mitzvot. Therefore, if after thoroughly cleaning for Passover you still have chametz products to store during the holiday, you may sell your chametz, or have Rabbi Katz sell them on your behalf. To sell your chametz through Rabbi Katz, fill out the form below:

I/We, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Aurora (Rory) Katz of Congregation Chevrei Tzedek of Baltimore, MD, to act on my/our behalf to sell all chametz knowingly or unknowingly possessed by me/us as defined by the Torah and rabbinic law, and to lease all places wherein chametz owned may be found. This transaction will be in effect for the duration of Pesach, which begins at sundown on Friday, April 19th, 2019 and runs through sundown on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. We/I understand that she will sell all hametz wherever it may be: at home, in my place of business, car or elsewhere, in accordance with the requirements and provisions of Jewish law.

Rabbi Katz has full right to appoint any agent or substitute in her stead and said substitute shall have full right to sell and lease as provided herein.

If Rabbi Katz or her agent or substitute does not notify me/us a quarter of an hour after the conclusion of the holiday that the buyer has paid in full for my/our chametz, ownership of my/our chametz reverts back to me/us and I/we may do with it as I/we see fit. If I/we are notified that the buyer has paid the remainder of what is owed, he or she will contact me/us
through Rabbi Katz to arrange for its transfer.

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