On 9th May 2019, TEDxSherborne will host a day of powerful short talks on the theme ‘Fit for the Future’ in relation to our place and people. This is a unique opportunity to bring together our whole community to explore our common future in a provocative yet optimistic and playful spirit.

We want TEDxSherborne to shine a spotlight on the amazing talent we have in our community and to provide a platform for inspiring ideas that could help us to forge a more positive future for all.

We are now open for speaker nominations. Please use this form below to nominate yourself or someone else as a speaker at TEDxSherborne 2019.

We're looking for speakers with promise and potential and an amazing idea, rather than someone who's already polished and accomplished as a speaker. We have an amazing team of performance coaches who will work with all our speakers to ensure that everyone gives the talk of their lives.

We have already canvassed our local community to identify their front-of-mind issues that our 'Fit for the Future' theme prompts. These issues are listed on the speaker application page on our website, as well as in the form below. We will select speakers with the strongest ideas that speak to our theme and to these issues, but we will leave room for wildcards who blow our mind with something completely original and unpredictable. Remember, TEDx is all about the idea rather than the issue, so it's no good simply being an expert able to articulate an issue, you have to be solving for it too.

We will close applications at midnight on 14th December, following which all nominations will be reviewed by our selection panel and shortlisted for audition, which will take in January 2019. The final speaker line-up will be announced in February 2019.

Thank you again for your interest in TEDxSherborne and good luck!

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