Sociology Survey 2017
This survey is completely anonymous(we will not know who has taken it).
If you feel uncomfortable about any question, let your teacher or high schoolers know.
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Who do you live with? *
How many siblings do you have? *
What order are you in you siblings *
Were/are your parents married? *
Do you receive an allowance? *
Do you help your parents around the house with chores? (check all that may apply) *
What technology do you have in your house? *
How often do you go outside after school for over an hour in a week? *
How late are you allowed to be outside? *
Are you respectful to your parents? *
Do you normally eat dinner every day? *
How often do you eat a home cooked meal? *
Where do you purchase your clothing? *
What brand of shoes do you like?(check all that apply) *
What brand of shoes do you wear?(check all that apply) *
How long have you worn your shoes? *
What type of music do you listen to?(check all that apply) *
Have you ever been sent to the principal's office for a negative reason? *
Have you ever been bullied? *
Do you watch YouTube? *
How much sleep do you get a night? *
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