Reference/Recommendation Letter Form
This form is for you to submit information for me to write your recommendation letter. Important notes: (1) You must first confirm with me (email, OH, somehow) that I'm willing to write the letter. Do NOT fill out this form without checking with me first! (2) Remind me ~2 weeks before your deadline, and make sure I reply. In that reminder, make sure you send any relevant documents (e.g. statements, transcripts) if they are not already linked below (3) I will submit letters in batches. Thus, it is essential that you set up ALL of your applications at once, or at most, in two batches. (Usually I take a week in mid/late November, a week in mid-December to submit.) I realize that requires more advance planning on your part, and I appreciate it!
Your name (as it appears in applications, so I can search in email for it)
Your email
Date of earliest deadline
If you have only one deadline, the name of the school/fellowship/etc. If you have more than one deadline, a link to a google spreadsheet shared with with each school/fellowship + deadline + any notes. You may also link to a folder with this spreadsheet as well as additional info (statements, transcripts, etc.).
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