Soul Oriented Somatic Guide Training 
Welcome! I love that you have a desire to be a part of the Soul Oriented Somatic Guide training/certification program! Please fill out the form below to share more about what is calling you to this journey at this time. If you have any questions or concerns before registering, don't hesitate to reach out directly to me at 

To secure your spot in the training - please pay your deposit of $488 (or full payment if you prefer) either at this link, on Venmo or by check/cash ($200 discount) by May 1, 2023.  The investment (for your life and business) is $4888 and can be either paid in full or spread out over the course of the program in a payment plan of $488 biweekly (or other arrangements made with Vanessa).

If you are feeling a soul YES to this program and sense that at this point it would be impossible or a large strain on your well being to pay the full price, contact me so we can discuss options. (

Can't wait to grow and play together! 


The following topics will likely be covered to some degree or another in our program. Read over them and consider them as you answer some of the questions below
  • Cultivating Safe and Loving Presence 
  • Multi-Dimensional Awareness 
  • Decoding What's Spoken Under What's Being Said 
  • Boundaries -- Personal and professional - and discerning between a boundary and a barrier
  • The Science of the Nervous System/Trauma
  • Intuition/Soul Knowing 
  • Changing Habits 
  • Working With Wounds as Gifts
  • Coaching the Subconscious Mind
  • Creating Integrity With All Your Parts/Ages
  • Deciphering Deeper Needs 
  • Supporting Sustainable Changes/Mindset Shifts 
  • Mastering Clear, Clean and Effective Communication 
  • Shifting from Healing Work to Healing Play
  • EQ - and mastering our experience of emotions
  • Shadow Work 
  • Lineage/Legacy Exploration 
  • Using Rituals for Transitional Support
  • Manifestation Cultivation
  • Authentic & Skillful Marketing 
  • Building Resilience as an Entrepreneur
  • Introduction and instruction on many Healing Modalities including SRI, EFT, NVC, Biodynamic Breath Work, Acupressure, Self-Massage, Guided Meditation and more. 
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