Mental Health at the University of Ottawa
We are the Fulcrum, the University of Ottawa's independent English-language student news outlet, and we want to hear your experiences accessing the mental health care system at the university.

This form is completely anonymous, but if you feel comfortable doing so please leave your name/contact info at the bottom and we may contact you for more information and interviews for potential stories. Also included at the bottom of this form is a list of mental health resources on campus and across the city. For questions, comments, or concerns, please email
We understand that some of these questions might be difficult to answer or may bring on negative thoughts and/or feelings. Don't be afraid to reach out for help. Below are a few national mental health hotlines.
Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645
Centre for Suicide Prevention: 1-833-456-4566
Canada Drug Rehab Addiction Services Directory: 1-877-746-1963
National Eating Disorder Information Centre: 1-866-633-4220
Are you an undergraduate, graduate, or PhD student?
What faculty are you in? What is your year standing?
Your answer
If you feel comfortable disclosing, what types of mental health issues do you struggle with? Please check all that apply.
Have you accessed one-on-one counselling through the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) or Health Services?
For your first one-on-one counselling appointment, how long were you told you had to wait to see a mental health counsellor?
If you continued to use this service, how long did you wait for your second appointment?
If you continued to use this service past your second visit, what was the average wait time between your appointments?
Was there a limit to the number of appointments you could have? If so, what was this limit?
Your answer
Were you ever charged for missing an appointment? If so, how much was this charge?
Your answer
Did you feel your counsellor properly met your needs and helped you address the issues you faced? Why or why not?
Your answer
Were you referred to an off-campus professional?
If yes, how long was the wait to see this off-campus professional?
What was the cost of seeing this off-campus professional, per appointment? Were you covered by insurance?
Your answer
Do you use medication(s) for your mental health issues?
How much does the medication(s) cost? Are you covered by insurance?
Your answer
Have you ever received accommodations from the university in relation to mental health issues?
How did that go? What did the accommodation look like?
Your answer
Were you satisfied with the accommodation? Why or why not?
Your answer
Outside of counselling, do you feel university staff/professors are adequately trained on mental health? Please explain, using examples if necessary.
Your answer
In general, how well do you feel the university supports students struggling with mental health issues?
Very poorly
Very well
In particular, are there any personal experiences you'd like to highlight in regards to the mental health care system at the U of O?
Your answer
In your view, what should the university be doing differently when it comes to the mental health of students, if anything?
Your answer
If you feel comfortable speaking more about your experiences accessing mental health care at the university, please feel free to share your name and contact info below.
Your answer
On-Campus Mental Health Resources
University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS), 100 Marie-Curie Private
Student Academic Success Service (SASS), 100 Marie-Curie Private
Faculty mentoring centres (locations differ by faculty)
Off-Campus Mental Health Resources
Walk-in counselling clinics (six Ottawa locations)…

Somerset West Community Health Centre (55 Eccles Street)
South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre (1355 Bank Street)
Family Services Ottawa (312 Parkdale Avenue)
Jewish Family Services of Ottawa (300-2255 Carling Avenue)
Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization(959 Wellington St. W)
CFS/SFC Ottawa (310 Olmstead Road)

Community health and resource centres (13 in Ottawa)...

Carlington Community Health Centre (900 Merivale Road)
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (215-1980 Ogilvie Road)
Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre (1547 Merivale Road, Unit 240)
Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Health Centre (225 Donald Street)
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre (221 Nelson Street)
South East Ottawa Community Health Centre (1355 Bank Street)
Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (2 MacNeil Court)
Centretown Community Health Centre (420 Cooper Street)
Lowertown Community Resource Centre (40 Cobourg Street)
Orleans-Cumberland Community Health Centre (240 Centrum Boulevard)
Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre(1365 Richmond Road)
Somerset West Community Health Centre (55 Eccles Street)
Vanier Community Service Centre (270 Marier Avenue)
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