Annotate PRO Beta Invitation
11trees will soon release an improved Annotate PRO (AP) Chrome Extension with new features and dramatically improved compatibility with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word Online, Schoology, D2L Brightspace, Outlook and Gmail...

Will you help us refine new versions of AP? We've made it this far with the passionate support of clients large and small and mostly individual educators looking for a better way to provide feedback and engage students on a personal level.

Complete the following survey to join up. You'll get the link to the beta download immediately upon completion.

Please use the email address you use to log into AP to speed communications. Thank you!
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What new capabilities would you like to see in AP? *
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Share Libraries with specific individuals (vs. your entire institution)
Consulting to help develop custom Libraries
Create a history of feedback for each student
Sort Favorites (the blue buttons!)
Color-code Favorites
Emojis in feedback
Guided peer review so students can use a version of AP
Create notes on students to document interactions
View a student's biographical statement and share interests to help personalize your interactions
Require students take action, and hold them accountable to that action, on the feedback you provide
What new CONTENT Libraries would you like to see in AP (or that you think your colleagues would appreciate)? *
Game changer!
Would be great
Not useful for me at all
Discussion forum interventions
Business Writing
Technical Writing
French or Spanish grammar
School Resources Knowledge Base
11trees believes in a strong 'freemium' model - providing great value to educators for free. We also want to offer features that, for some individual educators or schools, are worth paying for. We'd appreciate your thoughts on what areas of AP would be most valuable - defined by "worth paying for." Optional!
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