27-29 Aug 2021 Silence Retreat Registration Form

Please complete below form carefully to register with us. The retreat will take place in a serene retreat center overlooking the ocean in the back of busy streets of Cheung Chau. For more info about this unique silent retreat, please visit https://vatayogaretreat.com/2021/06/25/new-5-senses-silence-retreat/
or email retreatservice2021@gmail.com We look forward to hosting you soon.
Have you attended any silent retreat previously? *
The Sanctuary for your relaxation: We'll be staying at the Christian retreat house. The center is surrounded with a beautiful overlooking sea view sit in the back of the mid hill in Cheung Chau. More details, please visit http://www.sdbrh.org.hk/zh/situation.html There will be a 20 mins walk with some uphill slopes accompanied by leafy green trees and waves to the retreat house.
The retreat will take place in a quiet and Christian venue in Cheung Chau island with full acceptance to receive everyone despite your beliefs. However, we have some house rules below that need your collaborations. Please check off below boxes if you wish to attend our retreat. Please check all boxes below if you wish to attend our retreat. *
We'll request everyone to take a Covid-test prior to the retreat date. Your will have to provide your negative test results 72hrs before the retreat. You can either book your Community Center test or purchase any brand of a Covid Rapid test. The test will be at your cost. Please also declare if you have been vaccinated 14 days prior to the retreat start date. *
Which channel did you find out about this retreat? *
Please see our retreat program (high levelled). Detailed program will be provided closer to the retreat commencement date. We'll practice 36HRs noble silence during the retreat to create a space for your own self exploration and relaxation.

Day 1: Friday
Afternoon: Arrival and Check in (4-5:30pm)
Vegetarian Dinner
Open Circle: House rules and Silence begins
Relaxing Stretch and Singing bowl
Lights out

Day 2: Saturday
Morning Gentle Stretch
Vegetarian Breakfast
Outdoor walking Meditation
Vegetarian Lunch
Aroma body stretch and Life events review
Vegetarian Dinner
Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra
Lights Out

Day 3: Sunday
Sunrise sitting meditation
Vegetarian Breakfast
Drawing meditation
Silence ends
Closing Tea Circle
Vegetarian Lunch
Afternoon: Check-out (2pm)

We assign each participant an individual twin room with individual washing room to enjoy the best benefits of the silence. Each room is clean, neat and provided with bed sheet and pillow case. *
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