Westhill Elementary Library Book Requests
Use this form to let Ms. Dunnewind know what books you would like to read. Note: All books will be quarantined 7 days before they are checked in and out again.
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Location for Pick-up/book return: Pick whatever location works best for you. Students who normally walk may choose a bus stop or curbside. *
Who will pick up your books? This can be a relative or a designated friend's parents who will make sure to give them to you. *
Pick-up Guidelines - Park no closer than 1/2 block from Bus Stop for street stops. *Bus stop paddles will not be used. *Adults walk their student safely to the Bus Stop following all safety guidelines. *Please wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines.
Contact if there is a question about the delivery (Name and email). *
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Please use the questions below to tell about the books you would like. Please be aware that you may get a carefully selected alternate title if the book or books you request are not available.
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