Nice Time Survey - what can we do for you?
Nice Time is a new community arts organisation based in Manchester.

We need to hear what people from Manchester actually want and need from a community arts organisation. Your answers will directly shape how we organise our next 6 months!

If you would like to work with us or volunteer, email

You can sign up for our newsletter here:
Do you identify as any of the following?
Have you previously ever attended events by any of the following?
Are you interested in any of our regular events?
Are you interested in any of the following?
What other kind of events would you love to see happening?
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What other creative skills would you like to learn or improve upon?
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Which best describes you?
What specifically are you looking to get out of community arts-focused events?
All our events take place in wheelchair accessible venues. What else can we do to make our events more accessible? We mean this in the broadest sense of the word.
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What would be your preferred way to find out about new events?
When would you prefer for events to take place?
10 - 12 am
12 - 2pm
2 - 4pm
4 - 6pm
6 - 8pm
How much would you pay for a 2-3 hour workshop?
How do you think we should set event fees or donations?
Do you have any other comments, requests, or suggestions for us?
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