Feedback for Orca Month 2018
Thank you for attending an Orca Month event! We wanted to follow up with you to hear feedback on how we did this year, how we can improve next year, what event(s) you attended, and what you learned. Thanks in advance for helping us improve our Orca Month outreach and for your interest in Southern Resident orcas.
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Before attending an Orca Month event, were you aware of the distinct population of orcas known as the Southern Residents?
Before attending an Orca Month event, did you know the Southern Residents were endangered?
Before attending an Orca Month event, did you know the Southern Residents lived in the Salish Sea and off the west coast of the US and Canada?
What are the two main points you took away from the Orca Month event(s) you attended?
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What action(s), if any, did the event(s) inspire you to take to save orcas and/or salmon?
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