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Thank you for your interest in wanting to join Fish Dao.

We are are tightly knit community that invests in the best upcoming projects and strives to help them grow and succeed by leveraging our unique skillsets amongst our members.

Our core team have been in the ICO scene since 2016 and have been hugely successful in securing allocation for the hottest projects. We leverage our custom built analytics software to help identify hot new projects which gives us a solid edge over our competitors.

Our goal is to combine hundreds of small fish into one gigantic whale, together we are stronger and have a greater voice. We are tired of the big VCs always getting the big pieces of the pie and us small fish fighting over the scraps, join us on this new revolution.

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After you have filled in this form, a member of the core team will review your application and will assign you to the Shrimp tier if you are successful. The Shrimp tier will allow you to view the #announcements channel where deals are posted and you will be able to contribute.
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